Wine acidification

Wine acidification.

There are also fruit species, low in acidity, like pears, hawthorn, rhubarb, black lilac, moral, and also honey for the production of mead. They require the addition of an acid in the form of a concentrated lactic acid 50% or even 80%. Kwas mlekowy stabilizuje

Reducing the acidity of wine

Reducing the acidity of wine.

Correcting wine "wet" concerns not only the weight of the must; the addition of water also increases the amount of fluid, thereby reducing the acid content.

Fruit juice, which does not need to be enriched, but which shows high acidity, odkwasza



A recommendable method of reducing acidity is undoubtedly blending juices with different acid content. After all, there are apples that are acidic and less acidic; if the juice of them is mixed together, arises delicious, drink, podczas gdy każdy sok z osobna nie jest zbyt

Correcting wine "dry"

Correcting wine "dry".

By correcting a wine it is meant adding sugar to it, and with certain kinds of fruit also acid, or in the case of fruit with high acidity, lowering it. Correcting the wine, in large-scale production, jest ściśle określone przez

Determining the acidity of wine

Determining the acidity of wine.

As long as sugar is the basis of the subsequent alcohol content, the acid shapes the aroma and taste of the wine. Both factors must be in a favorable relationship to each other. Taki harmonijny stosunek występuje tylko w dobrych latach i tylko w przypadku