Bread cake

Bread cake

7 jaj, 7 spoons of sugar, 7 spoons of grated black bread, a glass of rum, grease to lubricate the mold

Whip egg yolks with sugar until plump, homogeneous mass, add the grated bread and whipped egg whites. Mix carefully, Pour into a greased springform pan and bake immediately. After it has cooled down, use a sharp knife to cut it 3 Sprinkle parts and each slice with sweetened water and rum. Lubricate with one or more types of filling.

Table I: 40 Dag of sugar pour a glass of milk and cook until thickened. Cool and pour into a clay pot. While grating, add one yolk at a time (in total 4 yolks), then one tablespoon of butter each (in total 25 day) and grate, until the mass becomes plump. Finally, pour in a quarter cup of a very strong summer coffee infusion and start it up again.

Mass II: 4 beat the eggs into a clay pot, pour 25 dag powdered sugar and beat with a steam whisk, until a snow-like mass forms. Then cool it down. 25 Whip a dag of butter in a bowl until white and add the egg mixture after a spoonful. Wrap it vigorously.

Mass III: 30 Pass a dag of shelled hazelnuts twice through the food processor. Add 30 dag powdered sugar and grate thoroughly. Rub separately until white 35 a dag of butter. Combine both materials and wring them well again. If the nut mass is prepared in the summer, it is advisable to add a little cocoa butter. They should be melted and added to nuts with sugar.