Miniature sandwiches

Miniature sandwiches

A loaf of white bread (from the day before), a pack of pumpernickel, 10 a dag of butter, a few small pickled cucumbers, 2 pods of red canned peppers, 10 dag of Emmental cheese in sliced ​​dag of olives or small marinated mushrooms, 20 a dag of thinly sliced ​​tenderloin, 2 cream cheese, a teaspoon of finely chopped green parsley, a teaspoon of paprika powder: hard-boiled egg, a few gherkins, salt

Cut the white bread into thin slices with a sharp knife. Knead the butter with salt and spread it over the white bread and pumpernickel bread. Square cut, triangular and round very small sandwiches - intended for one bite. Put them on the tray in rows - by type.

• Na kwadraciku pumpernikla położyć plasterek ogórka, and on it - a square of pepper.

• Na trójkąciku białego chleba — tej samej wielkości trójkącik ementalskiego sera, a small round slice of tenderloin and a little smaller, a very thin slice of gherkin or olives or a mushroom.

• Na krążku białego chleba położyć tej samej wielkości krążek polędwicy, a na nim - oliwkę, a mushroom or a square of pepper.

• Krążki białego chleba posmarować pastą ze śmietankowego serka wymieszanego z papryką w proszku i posiekaną nacią pietruszki; on top of that, put a much smaller pumpernickel disc and a ball of butter.

• Na kwadraciku pumpernikla położyć plasterek jaja, and on it - a fan made of a gherkin cut along the length.