Strawberries with raspberries

Strawberries with raspberries

20 a dag of fresh or frozen raspberries, half a cup of powdered sugar, a teaspoon of lemon juice, 40 a dag of fresh or frozen strawberries, 4 lemon slices for decoration.

Crush the raspberries, rub through a sieve, mix with sugar and lemon juice. Rinse the strawberries well, clean the stalks and put on 1 at. into the fridge. Prepare lemon slices, cutting the skin into cloves. Put the strawberries into glass bowls, pour raspberry sauce over them and garnish with lemon slices.


Sponge cake with fresh raspberries

75 day malin, 2 sponge cake rings (21 cm in diameter), 2 glasses of whipped cream, 10 dag sugar powder, a pinch of vanilla sugar, a glass of cherry or cognac

Sprinkle raspberries with a little sugar and set aside for a few hours, let them release their juice. Cut the sponge rings horizontally on 2 pies. Pour off the raspberry juice, mix with alcohol and vanilla sugar, sprinkle it on the sponge discs. Carefully transfer one of them onto a round plate, put a layer of whipped cream, and on top of it - a raspberry layer. Lay further layers in this way. Keep everything in the fridge until served.