Tomato soup clean

Tomato soup clean

50 dag of beef on the bone, a portion of Italian, 50 a dag of tomatoes, 1 large onion, a teaspoon of butter or margarine, salt, sugar, pepper, 1,5 l of water

After washing and cleaning the meat and vegetables, cook the stock and strain. Wash the tomatoes, cut into quarters and stew, covered, with the addition of fat. Wipe through a plastic sieve, combine with the decoction. Season with salt, pepper and sugar. Serve with patties, French pastry or puff pastry croutons.


Asparagus soup

1 liter of decoction, in which the asparagus was cooked (e.g.. for vegetable), 3-4 pcs. cooked asparagus, 2 flat spoons of flour, spoon of butter or margarine, yolk, half a bottle of cream, spoon of fresh lemon juice, salt

Season the broth with a light roux of butter and flour and bring to a boil. Put off the fire, "enlist” soup with raw egg yolk, mixed with cream, salt and season with lemon juice. Add the sliced, cooked asparagus (if the soup is to be exquisite - it is best to add only the tips of the shoots). Heat it up, not allowing it to boil anymore, and serve with fresh bread croutons.


Scorzonera soup

50 day skorzonery, a small onion, a little carrot, a cup of sweet cream, 1 yolk, a teaspoon of flour, parsley, salt, sugar, 1,5 And water

Scrape the roots of the scorzonera, cut into smaller pieces and boil until soft in salted and slightly sugar-coated water together with the onion and carrot. Drain. Filter half of the scorzonera through a sieve to make the decoction, Put the rest of the pieces in completely. Season the soup with cream mixed with flour, boil and "drag."” egg yolk. Serve with browned croutons.


French broth

30 a dag of beef on the bone, half a hen, a portion of Italian, 2 onions, 1 a glass of dry white wine, allspice, bay leaf, pepper, salt, nutmeg, 1 a little lemon, 1,5 l of water

Boil the broth, strain and, if necessary, clarify with protein. Pour the wine previously boiled with the half-half nutmeg. Peel the lemon, cut into thin slices and put into the broth.