Are amber tinctures really healing??

Are amber tinctures really healing??

Homeopathy of all kinds is very much in vogue these days. It returns to favor after the period

about two decades, when we choked on the west, actually this, what we considered the West. Among its constitutive elements there has always been a love of science consisting largely in the rejection of everything, which was unscientific. The problem is that, that very often just these things got the unscientific action patch, which scientists did not want to study on the assumption, that they are certainly charlatanism or do they simply have no scientific justification for the regularities observed by healers, according to their known claims, how people are sometimes referred to, whose work is, for example, a touch up of alcohol on amber. Just at the end of the past decade, scientists around the world remembered things, which was well known to them, but somehow strangely forgotten. It is a fact, that the vast majority of modern medicines have been isolated from various types of plants, largely from herbs, even such as chamomile or sage, and only after getting to know them in this way, production was started under laboratory conditions. Realization of this obvious obviousness, to quote the classic, has opened up many avenues of development for healing, generally speaking, unconventional. Among other things, amber and tincture made of it were tested.

It was noticed first, that resin itself, from which amber was made, it has a bactericidal and virus-destroying effect. Neither do any fungi grow in its environment, and you can actually say, that it has an antiseptic effect similar to hydrogen peroxide. After a very short study, it was found, that it is related to the so-called succinic acid, which in Polish amber has a concentration of about five percent, plus or minus three percent. It is an extremely powerful antioxidant, which blocks biological processes at the cellular level. It could be dangerous for humans if consumed in its pure form, but other uses are also possible. Medics recommend an amber health tincture made by marinating pieces of amber in alcohol for about ten days.. This is how amber tincture is created, i.e. a very strong alcohol with a bit of beneficial acid. It is taken as an addition to tea or by dripping it onto a teaspoon or sugar cube. Its action can be described as generally stimulating, because our body does not know this substance and under normal conditions it has no chance, that he might come into contact with her. Contrary to appearances, this is a very welcome situation. The process of binding free radicals, i.e. free radicals, begins in our body, highly reactive oxygen atoms, which are capable of causing completely undesirable oxidation reactions. The oxidation reaction is, in other words, just burning, which at the cellular level does not create a flame, but the end result is the same, i.e. destruction of the oxidation substance. Free radicals are completely natural and can even be found in the air, so you can't run away from them, but you can reduce their number.

Amber tincture has also proven effectiveness in fighting inflammation. It is recommended in the first place against idiopathic diseases such as rheumatic syndromes, which are chronic and long-term therapy with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs begins to be harmful to the body in their case. Work is currently underway to confirm the effect of amber oil on blood pressure.

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