House wine with jams

House wine with jams

Homemade wine with jams, compotes and other preserves.

In our home hobby - nothing has to limit us!

There is a possibility of remaking the attic, unwanted jams on homemade fruit wine. For this purpose, you should obtain a sugar meter (wine meter) which will be necessary to check the sugar level, and you must have other wine equipment: balloon / cementation container, plug, fermentation tube, pull tube.

Before proceeding, should be carefully checked, will our preserves be suitable for processing. You have to check if they are not broken and if they smell nice. Do not use preserves that show symptoms of deterioration, it can affect our health and lead to the deterioration of the whole setting of the wine.

Homemade fruit preserves (jams, compotes) they usually contain a large amount of sugars. The basic step in preparing the settings will be to mix the jams in warm water, so that after cooling down, the sugar level on the sugar meter would not exceed 22-23 Blg (Ballingi, 22-23g of sugar per 100g of wine setting). If we already have prepared settings, please pour it over (after cooling down) into the fermenter and gently acidify by adding citric acid or preferably by adding whole lemons. It is difficult to unequivocally define the proportions in advance because each setting on the products will be different (different preserves have different sugar content, some are sweeter, others may be sour), however, you can accept, that in the case of sweet preserves it should be enough 1 lemon on 10 liters of setting. It is necessary to add nutrient solution and yeast to such prepared settings. Choosing a nutrient solution, it should be noted that it is a nutrient medium with vitamins, the highest possible quality, e.g.: ENARTIS Special or ENARTIS Supervit medium, choosing yeast - it's best to buy wine yeast active with strong wines, e.g.: EzFerm, alternatively yeast can be used for red wines: RedFruit or for white wines: AromaWhite. The fermentation time should not be longer than 14-21 days.

If the wine works well, we can add more jars with jam to the fermentor at intervals 2-3 daytime. When adding more jams, always mix them first in a little water (we don't have to stick to the rule here 22-23 Stupid).

We can also use SpiritFerm TURBO Fruit yeast to ferment wine from jams. These are yeasts
distilleries intended for fruit settings, 1 the sachet should last for 25-50 liters
such a setting on jams. Please note, that using TURBO Fruit yeast, there's no need to
add to the nutrient solution. Fermentation time to 7 days, up to 18%.

After approx 14 days after the last batch of jams was added to the fermenter, we can proceed to the first pouring of our jam wine above the sediment into a clean container. The rest of the procedure is the same, as with any other fruit wine.

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