House wine made of apples

House wine made of apples

Homemade apple wine - healthy and tasty

Of all the fruits that grow with us, apples are the most widely used raw material for making fruit wines. They are both used for production house wine single-fruit or as a base for multi-fruit wines.

The most suitable raw material for the production of home-made wine there are apples of late varieties autumn and winter / different varieties of Renet or Antonówka / ,which, in comparison with the early varieties, contain more acids, sugar and extract and therefore give a better product . Choose well ripe fruit, healthy, with adequate acidity and medium size. Medium-sized apple wine is more aromatic than large fruit ,because the percentage of rind in smaller fruits is higher than in large ones, and the peel contains the most aromatic substances. Taking into consideration, the must must be properly prepared, to recover as many aromas as possible into the wine, vitamins and trace elements found in apple skins.

If we use other apples or the so-called. spady, other fruits must be added, e.g.. heavenly apples , currants, gooseberries or raisins.

Apples selected for home wine should be washed thoroughly, roll in and cut into small pieces. Pour sugar syrup and add Pektopol enzyme - Pektoenzym, which facilitates the release of juice from the fruit, then leave everything under cover for several hours. Next, if we want to ferment in juice, then squeeze the fruit thoroughly, pour the juice into the balloon, we add yeast and nutrient solution and put on the fermentation tube. If we are going to ferment in the pulp to get as much flavor as possible from the skins, make up settings with sugar syrup, add yeast and nutrient solution ,mix everything thoroughly and install a fermentation tube. Juice the fruit after the turbulent fermentation is finished, which usually takes about a week.

Silent fermentation of homemade apple wines usually takes about two months. During this time, pay attention to the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the balloon, to decant the wine in a timely manner from the sediment and prevent the development of wine diseases.

Apples hold on average 0,7% acidity / content 7 g acids in 1 liter / and 100 g sugars in 1 liter. In order to obtain stronger and more durable wine, complete the settings with sugar syrup.

It is accepted,

that on 10 kg of apples, add a syrup prepared with 2.5l of water and 2 kg of sugar,

we will get wine with an alcohol content of approx. 16%.

Recommended use of pectolytic enzymes.

Recommended wine yeast: counterpart, Aroma White


Of course, we must remember, to choose the right yeast, that can withstand this alcohol level. We select yeasts from the group intended for white wines, preferably such, which allow you to get the full aroma of the fruit used and delicate, fresh taste. We can use Tokay yeast or Italian Aroma White. Apple wines, especially when they are slightly diluted with water, they must be acidified with citric acid, you should also add more nutrients to them, i.e.. 0,4 – 0,5 g per liter of setting.

Apple wine matures very quickly, but it should be kept in a cool place and it is not suitable for long-term aging.


Below are some recipes for homemade apple wine. I always recommend fermenting apple wines in the pulp in a fermentation container, that is, we cut the fruit into pieces, pour hot sugar syrup. After cooling down, add the enzyme preparation, yeast and medium. I consider, that fermentation in the pulp gives better flavor results.

Homemade apple wine:

15kg of apples

40g of raisins

3kg of sugar

3L of water

10g of medium, wine yeast: Aroma White, counterpart, Stainberger, Universal.

Crush the apples, we cut into cubes, of course, we remove the core and seeds that could introduce too much tartness to our homemade wine. Pour everything into the fermenter and pour hot sugar syrup. After cooling down to approx 25-300C we add an enzyme agent, medium and wine yeast.

Apples are perfect for mixing with other fruits, proven combinations are:

apples - gooseberries

apples - currant

apples - raisins

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