Christmas Eve dinner in Koprivsztica

We will remember the Christmas we spent in Koprivsztica for a long time. When we went out for a walk in the evening, and the moon hanging over the river illuminated the houses scattered on its banks, it seemed to us that this town was completely unreal in its beauty. So - due to its unique setting - "a carol” in Koprivsztica she had a special charm for us. Here, too, we were reminded of the old ones, related to these very holidays, traditions.

Fish soup is served for Christmas Eve dinner in Bulgaria, „Syrmi” - grape leaf stuffed cabbage, and also "cheat” - that is, compote of dried fruit (plums, moral, dogwood, apples, pears), „Tikwenik” - Iranian cake layered with pumpkin cubes and a ritual Christmas Eve bread - "teapot”. Straw is placed under the plates with food, for bread - garlic and walnuts, and next to the table he puts the wheat bar and the ploughshare. A special type of bread is also baked on Christmas Eve, the so-called. I'll do it. Yeast in salted water is added to the flour, sugar and dessert butter. A loaf is formed from the dough, which grows covered already on the roasting pan. The bread is baked in a hot oven, and lubricate it with sweetened or salted water before taking it out, that a ruddy crust forms on it. With a "goof."” you also attend guests, and tradition requires, to place a bottle of rakia dressed with flowers on the loaf. During the Christmas Eve dinner, the young girls put the first bite of bread aside, because kept under a pillow is supposed to bring dreams about her future husband.

On this day, a flatbread is also baked for the sheepdogs' use, called "Shepherd."”.