Recipe for apple pie

Recipe for apple pie

Apples are the basic raw material for the production of fruit wines. Unlike apple wines, cider is a light wine drink, usually made without added sugar and water and fermented with wild yeast. It is perfect for hot days because it is a refreshing drink , served chilled to temperature 6-80C. It is not only suitable for longer maturing, you should drink it over 6 months and store in a cool room - preferably in a cool and dark cellar.

It is best to choose aromatic varieties of apples for the production of cider, e.g.. Renety or Antonówki. The fruit must be ripe but healthy / they must not be rotten and should not be peeled, because the peel contains aromatic substances, dyes, tannins that positively affect the color and taste of cider. Ripe, autumn apples have an average of approx 11-12% sugar and enough acid to get a drink with even 10% alcohol. At the same time, such a drink will be completely natural, similar in character to grape wine.

Apple pie, has been produced in our country for a very long time due not only to the availability of fruit, but also an uncomplicated production process without the use of precious yeast or nutrient solution. There are of course many different recipes, but the basic feature of a good cider is the content of carbonic anhydride, i.e.. the more of this gas, the better the drink. Therefore, fermentation should be carried out at different temperatures. Crush the apples, always with stainless blades, we crush and subject to turbulent fermentation in a room with a temperature 20-250C. After two or three days, squeeze the fruit and pour the juice back into the balloon. After turbulent fermentation is completed, you should pour the apple pie from the sediment to another , a smaller balloon and move it to a cool room with a temperature 8 do 100C , where fermentation will slowly stop and then clarify. When the apple pie becomes clear , it should be pulled back into the bottles as soon as possible, cork well, to minimize gas loss and keep cool until consumption. However, if the apple pie does not want to clarify, it should be filtered at a low temperature and then poured into bottles..

Another variation of the apple-based wine drink is cider, obtained from fermentation on noble yeast: Riesling, Tokaj or Aroma White with the addition of nutrient solution , sugar and water. In order for the cider to be tasty, it must be properly carbonated, clarified and chilled. The rules of fermentation and storage are similar to those of cider.

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