Beware of excessive alcohol consumption

Beware of excessive alcohol consumption

Beware of excessive alcohol consumption. Not enough, that alcohol is harmful, we still look stupid after it!

For some people, white wine always causes heartburn and stomach irritation, others of us react to red wine with an accelerated heartbeat. Sometimes these reactions are only caused by certain red or white wines - even after drinking just one glass.

Drinking too much or too quickly is a problem, the glands stop producing stomach acid, and food, in the stomach, remains undigested. There is a feeling of fullness and fatigue, while alcohol is absorbed by the stomach and intestines, it goes into the bloodstream and thus to the liver, if the liver cannot break down the amount of alcohol supplied quickly enough, it remains in the blood. Because it dissolves very well in water, it can instantly penetrate into tissues, having a negative effect on the nervous system. It inhibits the secretion of enzymes, which regulate water management, protein and electrolyte body. As a result, excessive alcohol consumption often leads to reduced circulation and nausea.

Alcohol consumed stops, at least, for a time, in the stomach. He will barely get there, begins to stimulate the production of stomach acids, which break down fats and proteins, which enables digestion. Because in a healthy stomach the acidity of gastric juice is similar to that of wine (pH value between 2,8 a 4), it does not disturb digestion, rather, it stimulates them. But from 45 The acid content in gastric juices slowly decreases over the course of the year of life, therefore many elderly people suffer from anemia. The wine then helps to restore the correct acid level in the stomach. However, people with gastric neurosis or duodenal ailments should be careful with wine - at least white wine. Due to its high acidity, it can irritate the mucous membranes and lead to heartburn and stomach pains.

Is it possible to be allergic to wine

On the other hand, allergies to wine and its individual ingredients are extremely rare. Rashes or asthma are rare, and vomiting is not an allergic reaction, but the simple effect of drinking too much wine. They are among the common consequences of a hangover. As a result of vomiting, the stomach gets rid of not only solid food, but also stomach acids. Therefore, he is greatly relieved after giving him a portion of the acid. Just, that's why the hangover breakfast of sour rollmops or pickled cucumbers has become a legend. Speed, how the body breaks down alcohol, It depends on many factors, among other things, from the contents of the stomach. Foods rich in fats and proteins slow down the absorption of alcohol. Cheese and milk are most effectively protected against intoxication. Spicy foods also slow down the penetration of alcohol through the walls of the stomach and intestines. Period on a full stomach, in which the alcohol from a glass of wine passes into the blood, may be one to two hours. When the stomach is empty - approx. 40 minutes.

The wine is high in calories

Alcohol provides the most calories in it. Regular drinking of wine can happen, so contribute significantly to excess weight, and even obesity. However, wine consumption does not necessarily mean weight gain. E.g, a man of normal weight or underweight does not need to gain kilos, while in people, who are already overweight, wine increases it - acetaldehyde in a way inhibits the breakdown of fat in the tissues. However, this is true for alcohol in general, and not just wine. The wine also stimulates the appetite and makes you eat more food. In total, so the increase or decrease in weight depends on it, the metabolic rate of the drinker.

The loss of water and salt from the body due to evaporation and sweating must be replaced by drinking plenty of fluids. However, you should not drink pure, running water or mineral water. Teas and warm soups are better, On the other hand, sweets help to balance the lowered blood sugar level. It is no coincidence that cola and salty sticks are favorite ?? remedies for quick regeneration after nausea and vomiting. A piece of raw ginger can also inhibit the gag reflex and calm the stomach. It happens, that a good effect is to relieve headaches and nausea with another glass of wine or vodka, however, it is dangerous - fighting alcohol with alcohol is the first step to addiction.

Alcohol causes weight gain

Below is the energy value of one bottle (0,75 l) and a glass (0,2 l) fault, depending on the alcohol content:


For house wine, these rates can be much higher!

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