In the Black Sea with an area 420 000 km2 live approx 160 species of fish, and the abundance of food in its northern and northwestern parts attracts fish from the south and from the Sea of ​​Marmara. When the waters start to cool, the fish are swimming back. Thus, in spring and autumn, most of the migrators are caught on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast” fish, like tuna, mackerel, sturgeon. The Black Sea waters do not create favorable conditions for the development of larger fish. There are two reasons for this: low surface salinity (17,5 per thousand, from 50 m depth to 2000 m — 22,5 per thousand) and the composition of the water. At depth 200 m due to a lack of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide is formed; therefore there is almost no life below the critical depth. Scientific institutes for fisheries in Varna and Sozopol take care of keeping it in the Black Sea, which dries slowly. It is a difficult task, because, contrary to the agreement, Turkish fishermen set up nets at the Bosphorus in spring, destroying young fry.
For now, fish are not uncommon on the tables of this country. Of course, the largest selection of fish dishes is available in restaurants specializing in this area. As usual in such cases, the right interior design is a natural complement to the culinary art presented by the masters of the pan. So it was a real pleasure to go to the "Morski Drakon" restaurant in Varna, where among the steering wheels and anchors hanging on the walls, in corners separated by fishing nets, fresh fish, as if just caught, they tasted delicious. Here we usually took some fish from the "skara”. This very simple way of preparing fish is extremely popular in Bulgarian restaurants. Anyway, only fish baked in this way retains its taste in full. Cleansed, the fish, washed and salted inside and outside, is placed whole on a hot and greased grate. When it turns brown on both sides, it is served on a platter with lemon wedges and butter.
When we talked with our friends about Black Sea fish, we were just ashamed to admit it, that over the careful stylization of the "Fisherman's Village” in Golden Sands or the "Pirate Ship."” in Sunny Beach, where you can get dizzy from the multitude of fish offers, we submitted a little one, an inconspicuous kiosk at the Varna market. With almost every stay in Varna, we ran to the market, to queue in front of the window in time, where daily transport of 'pyrżena riba”. Those still hot, fried in oil, and tiny as sprouted fish, then we ate straight from paper bags, sitting on some steps between the sprawling gypsies and their numerous offspring. Maybe just a bit of market exoticism, or maybe it's consuming little ones without any pump, crispy fish allowed us to really taste the delicacies typical of a port city.