Clams – Jachnija

The fruits of the local sea - but not only fish. Bulgarians greatly appreciate in their kitchen, for example. "Midi" - small, black clams literally stick to underwater rocks. The first resistance to these small crustaceans was broken in us by Coszo Bogdanow, Sofia poet; Fortunately, total devotion to literary creativity did not kill Gosza's culinary talents. In warm, August evenings, on a small rock in front of the Writers' House near Golden Sands, Coszo and the little ones who always accompanied him - the sons of various notables of Bulgarian literature - kindled a fire. We placed a “midi” on a piece of somewhere we had obtained, bent with difficulty”, which opened under the influence of heat. They were amazingly tasty indeed, although it took more time to extract the tiny clams from the shells than it did to eat them. Baked 'midi” no longer required any spices, even salt, because the seawater is salty enough.
We also liked the clam jachnija, which Goszo once prepared at home. However, it was an extremely laborious dish, for the amount of yachnia, that would satisfy four people, more than a kilo of mussels are needed. Cooked 'midi” should be removed from the shells and stewed in oil. Glaze separately 250 g thinly sliced ​​onion, then add 2 tablespoons of flour. Tomato puree and are added to the browned roux as desired 2 teaspoons of paprika, then throws in the mussels. The roux is spread with the broth, in which the clams were boiling. Jachnija is suffocating over low heat, and before serving salt to taste and sprinkle with a slice of parsley.
Bulgarian national gastronomy is one of the advantages of the country's tourism. About 3 Millions of international consumers check and evaluate its qualities every year,
Once upon a time, in a tiny yard of a fisherman's house in Old Nessebar, we had dinner in the company of friends, who just came from Warsaw. Sitting in the shade of the sprawling fig trees we watched shimmering metallic, sea ​​flowing around the peninsula. And because fresh and deliciously fried in sunflower oil by hand * caught fish put us in a great mood, we stated unanimously, that from the old names of the Black Sea given by the Hellenes in the 5th century. p.n.e. was far more appropriate: After all, "Euninos Pontos" means the Hospitable or Friendly Sea.