Skara meat – kebapczeta – kjufteta

The most popular and tastiest way of cooking meat in Bulgaria is grilling it, called "skara”. So “grill” is in each, even the smallest restaurant. Of course, in luxury premises, these are electrical devices, but here and there you can still meet in the restaurant's kitchen a black hood bell hanging over the grate, under which the charcoal glows. Meat with "chickens"’ it is fragile, juicy, fragrant and completely devoid of unnecessary fat. From the grate, we usually propose "shishhet” (skewers), „pyrżole” (chops), lamb offal, and also - extremely popular in Bulgaria - minced meat products - "kjufteta” (tiny schnitzels) and „kebapczeta” (kind of sausages).

Admiring the taste of bad products, Certainly, many of our compatriots wondered, why minced meat has such a bad reputation with us, since you can prepare such wonderful dishes from it. If, however, the Bulgarian hostess saw, how we prepare schnitzels or hamburgers, and she would certainly be speechless with horror. Juicy kebapczeta and kjufteta owe their taste to many complicated activities.

The first and most important rule, which is observed here, the meat to be minced is correct and in proportion to it. Most often, it is combined in equal parts with lamb and veal or beef. It adds up too (in the smallest percentage) pork. The meat is carefully processed: it must be ground at least twice and very well prepared with hands dipped in cold water. The prepared mass is also placed in the refrigerator at least twice for a few or several hours. Only to such prepared meat can appropriate spices be added and formed into a specific shape. So when, in the restaurant "Trimoncjum" in Plovdiv, the waiter placed a hot platter with”, we really didn't know, which piece of the proposed meats should be considered the noblest. When it comes to taste, tiny kebapczeta melting in the mouth did not give way to slices of pork loin or cubes of sirloin stuck to the "shisha"”.