Also in today's Bulgaria, despite the obvious pace of life, pleasure is not given up, good food gives. It's hard to find a family here, in which traditional preserves would not be made for the winter and people would not sit down to eat together at least once a day.
The daily menu of an average Bulgarian family looks the same throughout the country. In the morning - when everyone rushes to the offices, factories and schools - fast food outlets are used, of which there are many at every step. The most common drink is sour milk with a sweet roll - "kifla"” or eats a piece of warm banica with cheese. Harder-working workers are eager to buy a portion of hot and thick "glass bag" for breakfast” with slices of white bread. The price of such a meal does not exceed a dozen or so dishes.
At lunchtime, in which - according to the principle adopted in southern countries - longer breaks are used, the most common places are bars as well, which already at this time start the "kara". This meal is also small: 2—3 kebapczeta with a tablespoon of white bean salad or a piece of chicken. For this, of course, wheat-corn bread, white, thickly cut and plentifully dipped in herbal spices.
After the family returns, the Bulgarian housewife prepares a basic meal - something between a late lunch and an early dinner. It is mostly one meat and vegetable dish with lots of fresh vegetable salad in summer and fall, a z „turszii” - in winter. These meals - served in "wsekidnewna” (peace, who concentrates home life), and in the summer usually on the terrace or in the garden - they play a significant role in the life of the family. It was then, when all household members gather together, creates the best climate for discussing important family problems. Nobody is in a hurry with these meals and can savor homemade specialties in peace.
This rhythm of the day, certainly dictated by climatic conditions, has remained in Bulgaria unchanged for centuries. And descriptions of the most important - common - evening meal, when this "farm table was set as usual under a grapevine tree ... we find on the pages of literary works.
Seems, that Bulgarians are not only willing to sit down at the banquet tables, not only do they like to talk about food, but they also write about it with equal pleasure. The works of the classics are full of "tasty” quotes, like this one, from the famous novel by Ivan Vazov "Under the yoke": “A wineskin of some sort, drunk in the cooling shade of the willows above the humming crystal stream, makes me feel, that you are forgetting bondage, some gjuwecz baked with scarlet eggplants, fragrant parsley and hot peppers… soothes anxiety”,
How women reconcile work duties with everyday cooking, it remains only their secret. Preparing dishes in this very laborious kitchen requires a lot of time and it is impossible to get out of the way, since so many products are needed to prepare one "manga” peel, drobniutko pokrajać, stew in order… And on top of that, work in our own garden-vineyard, which everyone here generally has, because national cuisine has special requirements, when it comes to the quality of vegetables and fruits.