The most popular way of storing vegetables for the winter is making "turshi"”, that is, pickles. The vegetables for turshiya can be raw, steamed or toasted. Usually they are acidified in barrels, but you can also prepare small portions of turschia in jars. Vegetables are poured with a solution of water and salt or salt and wine vinegar, by putting grape leaves between the individual layers. Tursziya can be made from one type of vegetable or mixed vegetables. So we ate turshiya made of roasted peppers, with carrots and cauliflower, and even garlic itself, which in this form is perfect and devoid of unpleasant smell.
Our friend, Ms Wioletta Deczewa, in which guest house we learned many secrets of Bulgarian cuisine, this is the recipe she gave for the preparation of mixed tursha: 20 kg of various vegetables (pepper, green tomatoes, carrot, selery, cauliflowers, etc.) clean and arrange in a barrel in layers, which should be spread with scalded grape leaves. Place a wreath of grape twigs on top and pour the pickle made of 1,5 only kg, 20 And water and 4 l wine vinegar. Press with a wooden cross and a stone. After 2 days, pour the juice from the barrel into another vessel and pour it over the vegetables again. Repeat this step, until the pickle is ready.
Cabbage is prepared in a similar way for the winter, which is always almost sour in Bulgaria, whole heads. Medium-sized cabbage heads are selected for this purpose. After cleaning of the upper leaves and hollowing the hollows, they are cut crosswise, to a depth of approx. 5 cm. The cabbage prepared in this way is placed tightly in a barrel, covering on top with a wreath of grape leaves and pressing it with a wooden cross weighted with a stone. The lagoons are made of water and salt in the same proportion as for mixed turshiya. After a week, it is necessary to drain the juice from the barrel and pour it over the cabbage again. Activity you, meaning "pretakane” should be repeated 3, 4 times a week until now, until the fermentation process is complete.
Some winter evening, when we were delighted with the exquisite taste of stuffed cabbage in grape leaves and bored Mrs. Wioletta with questions - where did these leaves come from at this time?, the hostess showed us a few jars of inconspicuous looking turschia, which makes it possible to prepare such specialties even in time, when snow covers the vineyards. Of course, we immediately asked for the recipe and now we know, that young and fresh grape leaves (more or less 3 kg) should be arranged in the shape of small bundles, and then immerse for a moment in a boiling marinade made of 0,5 And wine vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. The bundles are placed in jars, sprinkling them with mint, and then it is poured over with a little cooled liquid.