During our stays in Bulgaria, we had the opportunity to find out more than once, that sharing the delights of the table with guests is greatly appreciated and that the sacramental formula, which greets the new arrivals "Good come - zapowjadajte”, it is not an empty phrase. As a greeting, the hostess puts water with preserves on the table, then everything appears in honor of the guests, what the house has at the moment. And although the surroundings are usually very modern, after all, these parties do not differ much in the menu and atmosphere from the supper, to which the old Haji Genezo invites us in the aforementioned novel “Bulgarians of old times”: „…sour chicken soup appeared on the table, sauerkraut with pork fat, roasted hen, fried eggs with sheep's cheese, sour milk, cake and wine. The health of grandfather Liben and his wife was drunk, was drunk for the haji Genesis and his family, and then for the guests, for the horses, for oxen and for hens, and drunk till now, until Grandpa Liben drank like that, that he looked like a wet hen himself”.