Alhohole in Bulgaria

Wines that are extremely eagerly consumed in Bulgaria by Poles include the so-called. skimming, that is, sparkling. These are the white wines Perła and Sweżest as well as white and red Iskra. Iskra wine is produced in a dry edition, semi-dry and sweet. Unfortunately, transporting Bulgarian "champagnes", very tasty and containing to 12,5% alcohol, it's a bit risky, because they tend to explode in suitcases under the influence of even slight shocks.
Listing of all types of wines available on the tables of this welcoming country, is not possible. Almost every town in Bulgaria boasts a specific type of bakchus drink; just look at the menu card or at the shelves in stores. Bottles of Trakia are standing there, The Balkan, Madary, Chaush, Varnenskiy, etc.. Wine names inform, which grape varieties were made of, like for example. greatness, marble, pamid, dimiat, Chaush, gamza itd., or where they come from, e.g.. Melnik, Tarnovo, Karłowo, Ewksmograd, Color etc.. There are names, which testify to the sense of humor of the Bulgarians, e.g.. "Monastirsko Szuszukane" ("Monastic whisper"), served only in the Monastyrska Izba at the former monastery in Druzhba; a wine worth trying, dark red, thick, sweet, strong, , goes to the feet ".
In addition to the wines, excellent cognacs are also produced in Bulgaria, the most popular of which is Pliska (40% alcohol). It is obtained from distilled and aged Dimiat wines, Pamid, Gamza. Currently, it competes with the quality and power of Słynczew Briag, produced after three years of wine distillation in oak barrels and from 1967 r. new Presław cognac boasting as many as seven stars.
A very popular alcoholic drink in Bulgaria is "grozdowa rakija". That vodka, actually a kind of moonshine known in all wine-producing countries, rushing from fermented grape waste, that is, from seeds and skins, from which the grape must has already been extracted. The best species of this rakia is the so-called. Ewksinogrdzka. Plum brandy is also produced here” with a beautiful amber color, which is obtained from the heavenly, Kustendilian plums.
Another alcohol typical for Bulgaria is' mastika” - anise vodka and vodka - "mint”, which is drunk here with ice as an aperitif.