The appetizer is an incentive for vodka

In Bulgaria, all kinds of vegetable salads - so fresh, and canned food - they are not only an addition to the main dishes, but are often served alone, e.g.. as a snack for wines and spirits („Little meze”). Seasoning salads with vinegar is most often avoided, rather using lemon or grape juice. The taste of salads, which require vinegar, softens with oil (sunflower oil), following the principle of sprinkling the products just before serving.

The most beautiful vegetables are selected for salads, ripe, healthy and fresh, m. in. white onion, purple and green, with big heads, good-looking garlic with bulbs of unprecedented size and a mild taste. Tomatoes are the most delicious, that ripen on the bushes. Always eat them peeled. The greens contain harmful solanine - they are used only for turshia. Toast the peppers on a baking tray in the oven, on a coal stove, on a spit or on an asbestos mesh placed on the burner of a gas stove. To bake them evenly, the pods should be flipped every few minutes, then put it in the pot and cover with a lid. Po 5 min. carefully remove the outer skin, so as not to damage the peppers.