Deatylation and Rectification - what are the differences?

Deatylation and Rectification - what are the differences?

Distillate (colloquially called: bimber, spirit, moonshine, samogon, water of life, etc.) is a strong alcoholic drink, obtained from the distillation of fermented fruit, cereals or other plants with high sugar content. The mass of ground fruit to undergo fermentation is called the setting, while the mass made of cereals or potatoes is called mash.

Depending on experience, equipment used and method of distillation / rectification, alcohol differs from each other in taste and smell.

Diagram of distillation:

In the case of straight cameras, most often glass flasks (with or without a dephlegmator) and a cooler, distillation is needed 2-3 tame. After the first process, the raw alcohol is separated (colloquially called salad). In subsequent processes, we separate three fractions:

  • Forelegs - not drinkable;
  • Main fraction - ethyl alcohol, food, having the best taste and aroma;
  • Pogony - higher alcohols, not drinkable, having an unpleasant smell and taste;

Using simple cameras, the maximum alcohol strength we can get is 83%, even the third or fourth distillation will not allow us to obtain a concentration above 89%. So that we can get alcohol with a higher concentration %, with higher purity (flavor and fragrance), with minimal undesirable substances in a single "cooking" process - rectification is essential.

Rectification (otherwise: fractional distillation) from a physical point of view, it is a cascade distillation process (multi-level), where each step of the process is fed with a product (distillate) the previous one.

In other words, it is a multi-distillation process in one pass. The rectification process in the column takes place on the so-called trays where the liquid is partially condensed and descends below where it will be subjected to another distillation. In practice, various types of column packing are used ("Scourers", various types of steel fittings, glass or ceramic, e.g.: Raschig rings) where single distillations take place.

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