Fruit crushing and juicing

Fruit crushing and juicing

To get fruit juice, they must first be crushed and crushed. You need the right ones for this, first of all, stable devices.

Initially, I crushed the apples, breaking them in a large pot with a large wooden pestle. At its end, on the grinding surface, there was a grille cut in the wood. As a result, the convex elements additionally crushed the fruit pulp during breaking (which is impossible with a smooth surface, because then the mass flows to the sides). One of my friends unexpectedly became the owner of more apples, and did not have any suitable equipment for grinding the fruit; then he remembered the grape harvest in the southern countries, where to this day fruit is crushed by treading on it with bare feet. A friend of mine used this method to obtain apple must. He put on hiking boots, he entered a wooden vat and crushed the apples with his own weight, tramping in place and thus crushing the flesh of apples, which is harder than grapes.

In both cases, pulp was formed from the fruit, but the juice did not separate from the flesh. We knew, that in the production of juice and wine on an industrial scale, and even at the tiniest winemaker, a pressing plant is used for this purpose. However, how to deal with it, not having such a machine or planning to buy it?

We found a way: to the four legs of the inverted stool we fastened a sufficiently large piece of linen and put fruit pulp on it. Some of the juice drained out in the next few hours, we printed the rest like this, like underwear after washing. However, the muscle strength for twisting and bench press is not very effective, therefore the effect of our efforts left much to be desired. The yield was not particularly high; from one kilogram of apples we obtained approx 200 grams of juice. Nevertheless, we filled a two-hundred-liter barrel with this method. One thing became clear to me and my friend: if you have such a hobby, doing bodybuilding is unnecessary!

I have to admit, that the method of extracting juice described above seems a bit exotic. In a normal household, the problem is resolved according to two criteria: first, what varieties of fruit the juice is to be made of, i po drugie, from what quantity.

Of all the fruits, which are collected or purchased in smaller quantities, you can get juice by the following methods.