Getting juice hot, steamed

Getting juice hot, steamed

This is the simplest method of making fruit juice. You need to pour water into a large pot as high as a finger and put the second one into it on two small wooden strips, smaller pot. Then, a piece of linen or cotton cloth should be put on the edges of the large pot and the fruit should be laid over it. Then cover the pot with a suitable lid. Tie the protruding ends of the cloth above the lid at the top. Heat the pot – depending on the type of fruit -30-60 minutes. The resulting water vapor causes the cells of the fruit to break and the juice flows through the cloth into a smaller pot.

The steam juicer works in the same way. It is not expensive, so, if someone is going to make juices more often, he should get a juicer.

Using the method of obtaining juice "hot", One cannot be avoided: due to the high temperature, the juice takes on the taste of boiled fruit. Apple juice then tastes like apple mousse! Additionally, it loses valuable vitamins, and the dripping condensation dilutes it. Practically speaking, I would not recommend steamed juice to make wine. This method destroys most of the natural bacteria; fermentation processes develop very slowly, as a result, the juice fermented more slowly and forms less alcohol than cold juice.

If someone does not mind the changed taste of the juice and who only intends to preserve it, he may use the steam method of juicing. A few more tips below, regarding this method.

For more efficiency, add sugar to the fruit. Depending on this, whether they are more or less sweet, the fruit is sprinkled with an appropriate amount of sugar and set aside for a few hours. Fruit with a lower sugar content or a high acid content should be sweetened more; for example on 1 kg of currants must be added 150 g of sugar, on 1 kg of blueberries – 100 g of sugar, on 1 kg of apples – 50 g and na 1 kg of strawberries – 30 g of sugar. The addition of sugar, of course, depends on the intended use of the juice. If you want to make a juice that is suitable for drinking directly, you should sweeten it less. To prepare the syrup (which not

we will continue our work) you have to count ten times as much sugar. More accurate data, regarding the addition of water and sugar, in the recipes section. The juice intended for making wine must be sweetened very precisely. It is therefore necessary to measure the sugar content of the juice and determine the appropriate weight of the must. More details on this subject can be found in the article "Determining the must weight".

The juice obtained by heating the fruit by steaming is poured hot into bottles without any further treatment. The bottles should be washed in hot water and rinsed with boiling water beforehand. Cleanliness must be strictly observed. If possible, it is a good idea to only use new cloths and brushes for washing. If all these rules are followed, no need for additional juice sterilization.

The juices have a particularly beautiful aroma, if you put wine in the juicer instead of water, for bright white fruits, and for fruit with strong colors – red.

Bottles closed with rubber caps can be filled to the brim, while in bottles with a natural cork, you need to leave a free space in the neck above the juice level, about the thickness of two fingers.