Chocolate recipe block

Chocolate recipe block

Chocolate block – ingredients:

200 g palm margarine (4/5 cubes)
220-250 g (about a glass) sugar
4 spoons of cocoa
125 ml (half a glass) water
1 vanilla sugar – package 16 g
400 g of powdered milk
1-1,5 petit-beurre biscuit packaging

Optional extras:

200 g of raisins
70-100 g of walnuts

Chocolate block – execution

Melt the palm in a pot, add sugar and vanilla sugar and heat it up (about 10 min.) stirring so, so that the sugar begins to dissolve. We add cocoa. We continue to heat up, we add water. Cook everything for a few minutes. As a result, we should get a uniform syrup. Let the resulting syrup cool down for approx 5 min. to a temperature of approx 60 degrees C. During this time, we can prepare additions: quarter the petit-beurre biscuits, peel and crush the walnuts, blanch and strain the raisins. We add powdered milk. The mass becomes thick, so you need a solid spoon for mixing. Finally, add the biscuits, nuts and raisins. Put the warm mass in a springform pan or on a baking tray. After a few hours, when the block is hardened, it is ready to eat. The chocolate block is a delicious dessert with a captivating milk-vanilla flavor.. Ideally suited as an afternoon tea or coffee. Enjoy your meal!

In the photo below, we present a chocolate block obtained according to the above recipe, but without raisins and nuts.