Delicious Christmas Eve borscht

Delicious Christmas Eve borscht

Christmas Eve is a real feast for gourmets of stew dishes, which dominate the table on this solemn evening before Christmas. Traditionally, housewives prepare twelve dishes for the Christmas Eve supper, which are eaten at a common table with all family members. It is quite a task for many housewives, who tries to cook delicious dishes. The most frequently prepared dishes for Christmas Eve are: cabbage with peas, fish such as carp or herring, kutia or pasta with poppy seeds, groats with prunes, mushroom soup. A dish that should definitely not be missing during Christmas Eve is red borscht with dumplings.

Borscht with dumplings

Ingredients for borscht:

1 kg of red beets


15 dkg of dried mushrooms

0,5 butter cubes

2 bay leaves

4 allspice grains



A tablespoon of vinegar

Borscht concentrate

First you need to prepare the mushrooms, which we pour boiling water over and soak it all night. For the next day, cook the mushrooms with soup vegetables, cut into long quarters. Peel the beets and dice them, Chop the onion finely. Pour water over the beets and onions and cook them. After boiling both stocks, strain and combine with each other and add butter, bay leaves and allspice. We cook. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces and add them to the borscht. Finally, add a few tablespoons of the concentrate and season with pepper and a tablespoon of vinegar.

Ingredients for ears with mushrooms

10 dkg of dried mushrooms

7 eggs


Bread crumbs

A tablespoon of oil

Salt and pepper, pinch of sugar

1 kg of wheat flour

Half a glass of milk

1 spoon of potato flour

Sprinkle the mushrooms with water the day before, we leave it overnight. We cook for the next day, then strain. 5 Hard-boil the eggs. Cut the onion finely and stew it in olive oil, covered. When they are translucent, we add mushrooms to it. Eggs, Grind the onion and mushrooms in a meat grinder. Add breadcrumbs to the mushroom mass, to give it a firm consistency - season with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. Let the stuffing cool down. We prepare the dough: Pour wheat and potato flour on the board, we drive 2 yolks. Boil the milk with water - pour it slightly cooled down into the flour with yolks. We earn everything. Roll out the dough thinly and cut it into small squares. Put the stuffing on the individual squares. We fold diagonally, we glue the edges and glue the corners together. Boil the ready-made ears in salted water. We spread it on plates and pour the borscht.