Proven Easter recipes

Proven Easter recipes

Easter is a Christian holiday filled with the joy of God's Resurrection. The feeling of happiness is additionally intensified thanks to the spring mood; developing trees, green grass, early rising sun. Redemption, which was given to man through the goodness of Christ, which fills us with hope for eternal life is additionally glorified in many Polish homes through the customs of the common, family celebration at the table. As a sign of the end of Lent, many homes prepare special traditional dishes and cakes.

The day before Easter Sunday, on Holy Saturday, the faithful bring food in the form of the so-called. Święconki. In each wicker basket, beautifully decorated with a white napkin and boxwood branches, we'll find bread, Easter eggs, cold cuts - symbols of abundance and vinegar, horseradish and salt - to protect against deterioration, understood in a deep sense. Blessed foods are to be eaten after the Resurrection Mass in the family circle, when we share an egg and make wishes.

Apart from Święconka, Polish tables also host various types of cakes, such as traditional mazurkas, Easter cupcakes (yeast or sand), cheesecakes, poppy seeds and other delicacies, which are conjured up by good housewives a few days before Christmas. In stores today, in bakeries and confectioneries we have many types of beautifully decorated cakes and pastries to choose from, which can be purchased without any problem, but they don't have the same charm as home-made pancakes. Easter pastries sweeten our lives, and nothing tastes as good as a cake prepared by mom, grandmother or wife.

The Easter holidays last two days, that's why preparing festive meals for the whole family is quite an art. In addition to the traditional Easter breakfast, you also have to cook delicious lunches and dinners. Meat dishes are a very good idea for a Christmas dinner. On Easter Sunday, for example, you can prepare a tasty baked pork loin with plum and apricot, which can be served with a cabbage salad. On Easter Monday, a hit dish may turn out to be a variety of poultry, e.g.. duck stuffed with apples or roast goose. For dinner, it's best to serve a spring salad, e.g.. a vegetable made of diced vegetables: cooked carrots, potatoes, parsley, taste, with the addition of pickled peas, chopped onion and apple, mixed with mayonnaise and seasoned with pepper and salt.

Each family has its own favorite dishes and it is worth making your loved ones happy by cooking the most delicious dishes.