Bartending accessories

Bartending accessories.

Garnier - Bartender Knives to garnish with drinks.

With the help of such knives, we can create unforgettable decorations for our cocktails, remember that the taste of a drink is one thing, but you should also encourage others to try it, and what is the easiest way to encourage if not by looks?

Bar strainer.

The bar strainer is used to strain straight up drinks from the ice, which were made in a Bramanian glass or a two-piece shaker. The bar strainer consists of a round stainless steel plate with holes surrounded by a spiral(spring).


It is a piece of stainless steel and sometimes a shackle but is one of the most important attributes of a bartender. Unfortunately, without it, we are not able to make any cocktail professionally. There are three types of Boston Shaker in nature , Cobbler shaker , Shaker French. The pan allows the ingredients to be properly mixed. Someone may say that it is enough to add the ingredients and it's ready. I have to disagree with that. Of course, there are cocktails that do not need to be shackled , but there are those that need to be done with a shaker (e.g.. MARGARITA) this has an impact on the final color or taste, or the degree of cooling with ice cubes in the interior.

Then how do they differ:

Boston shaker consists of two containers, one is made of metal and the other is made of a shackle, both of them resemble a tall glass _ /. Such a compilation of steel and glass allows us to control the contents in the interior. Of course, in terms of volume, it is larger than the others.

French shaker This is a rare form of a shaker. It looks like a cobbler shaker, but its upper part does not have a strainer and is in one piece.

Cobbler shaker It is a shaker consisting of 3 parts of the metal container and the two-piece lid. The top of the lid can be removed, to see the built-in strainer. After removing the cover, there is a strainer in the second part, which prevents e.g.. lemon seeds or ice cubes, which allows you to pour the mixture straight into the glass.

Bartender spoons.

Bartender spoon for mixing cocktails , and its wraparound design and disc-shaped tip for making layered cocktails prevent ingredients from mixing. Another type is a spoon with a fork, which makes it easier to serve the fruit. Its shape and appearance, i.e. a rolled spiral-shaped handle, allows for easy and quick pouring of alcohol, this shape is used to make fruit twists (a spring made of citrus peel).