Alcohol wine distillates

Alcohol wine distillates:

Cognac (Cognac) – (z franc. Cognac - name of a town and district in France) type of alcohol, the most famous brandy, whose manufacturing technology has remained practically unchanged 300 years. It contains approx. 40-45% alcohol. In the European Union, the name "Cognac", or more precisely, "Cognac" is reserved exclusively for the drink produced in the vicinity of the town of Cognac, in the Charente region, in France.

Armaniac (Armagnac) – (armagnac) - the oldest of the French wine brands, whose tradition dates back to the fourteenth century. The name comes from the French region of Armagnac in Gascony, in southwestern France. Armaniak is produced by distilling white wine in a special distiller and maturing it for many years in oak barrels..

brandy – it is a German brandy, which should also meet certain requirements. So it must be made from the fruit of certain grapevines, at least in 85 % must be processed in German distilleries and must be aged for a minimum of half a year in oak barrels with a capacity of not more than 1000 liters. Old brandy (senior weinbrand) it must mature for a minimum of one year. If it contains 38% obj. or more alcohol and, just like cognac, it has been distilled twice and is marked with the appropriate official number and is placed on the market as weinbrand. It is served at room temperature. If it's a bit cooler, it doesn't really matter, because before drinking, so after pouring it into a glass, warms up sufficiently to the correct temperature with the warmth of the hand.

Brandy – (The. burnout) - English term for alcoholic beverages distilled from wines, mainly grape, and under this name, the vast majority of brandy are found on the world market. The name brandy comes from the Dutch word brandewijn (this is what roasted wine was called in the Middle Ages). Brandy can also be distilled from fruit wine, however, it should be marked accordingly, e.g.. Cherry Brandy - cherry brandy, etc.. The best grapevines are Spanish, Italian Vecchia Romagna and Portuguese Aguardiente. , Taxa, Pisco, Grappa, Marc