Mezcal - the secret is in the worm

Mezcal - the secret is in the worm.

Man is curious by nature, so he also tries exotic alcohols. A Mexican drink with a sunken worm is presented to him, and here is a dilemma: eat, do not eat this supplement? What a grub it is, and why did it go there?

Well, mezcal is alcohol made from the agave core. Corazon (from Spanish - heart) is obtained just after cutting off the agave leaves, and then further processed. Mezcal is a characteristic Mexican drink, also sometimes called worm tequila or "Oaxaca gold" (city, in which it is produced). It is distinguished from tequila by a stronger aroma and a stronger flavor. The glycerin compounds contained in it cause, that the clarity of mezcal is smaller than that of tequila and it is denser than tequila.

Worms that feed on agave leaves are used to produce alcohol. These are exactly gusano larvae, that is, the butterfly Hipopta agavis. There are two varieties of maguey worms: red - gusano rojo and white or golden - gusano de oro. The roasted part of the agave is first fermented and distilled, and then the caterpillar larvae liquor is added to it. Be careful, so that the worms do not break down. If everything is alright after a week, it is alcohol that can be bottled. Mezcal is made according to ancient recipes and for this purpose two worms are put into the bottles at the end. This procedure is to certify the authenticity of the alcohol. There is also supposedly a mezcal variant with a scorpion instead of a worm - Scorpio Mezcal. If someone decides to consume the worm, he must be careful. There are plastic mockups of these larvae in alcohol produced in the USA.