White currant tincture

White currant tincture

Ingredients needed to prepare white currant tincture

  1. 1 kg of white currants,
  2. 0,5 kg of sugar,
  3. 0,5 l of vodka 40%

Recipe for tincture of white currant

  1. Wash the currants, tear off the peduncles.
  2. Pour the fruit into a large jar,
  3. Then we cover with sugar and pour vodka over it.
  4. Shake the jar every two days.
  5. After three weeks, remove the tincture from the fruit.
  6. Filter the tincture.
  7. Set aside for two or three weeks.

Another recipe:

  1. Wash and clean currants.
  2. Toss the fruit into a jar and sprinkle with sugar,
  3. After 2 pour vodka for weeks.
  4. after half a year, strain and pour into bottles. Add the vanilla pod.
  5. Wait a month.