Black currant tinctures

Black currant tinctures.

Blackcurrant tincture has a beneficial effect on ailments related to digestive disorders. fruit, from which it is made, are a rich source of vitamin C..

I) Smorodinówka - blackcurrant tincture
1 kg of ripe fruit
1 l spirit 70%
syrup (0,5 kg of sugar + 0,5 l of water)

Manner of execution:
Clean the fruit of the stalks and petioles, wash and dry. Then put it in a jar and pour the spirit over it. Put the jar in a warm place on 4-6 weeks. Boil the syrup, cool and pour the resulting spirit pour into it. Set aside for a week, filter and pour into bottles. Tincture should mature in a cool and dark place through 3-6 months.

II) Tincture From the Black Currants

Stage I - a varicocele

Spring young shoots and leaves of black currant (picked off at the beginning of the growing season), wash and dry. Fill a two-liter jar to 3/4 capacity, not oppressing. Pour vodka over it 40-50%, so that it completely covers the leaves. Keep the curled jar in the sun for a week, followed by 3 weeks in the dark, cool room. Decant the tincture, for each liter add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and pour into bottles. Put in the dark, cool room until fall.

The tincture has a light green color and a pleasant smell
with a touch of blackcurrant.

Stage II - fruit tincture

1 kg of fruit
0,75 l spirit 95%
0,75 l leaflets

Pour over the fruit with leaflet obtained in spring, add spirit and macerate through 6 weeks in a warm place. Pour, filter and pour into bottles. The tincture should mature from 3-6 months, in a cool and dark room.

The tincture obtained in this way is completely dry. To get a sweeter tincture, you should, after pouring vodka (in the first stage), cover the leaves in the jar 0,5-1,0 kg of sugar. After dissolving the sugar, pour the syrup into a separate bottle.
Pour into the syrup in the fall, gained (in the second stage), fruit infusion.