Bitters are the bitter family (as the name suggests) alcohol, usually quite powerful. The most classic example of bitter is angostura. The name, however, has nothing to do with the angostura tree, but was taken over from the city, in which production started, which today is called Ciudad Bolivar. Today, however, no longer in Venezuela, but it is produced on the island of Trinidad, sometimes also called trinidad.

It started with drugs

Angostura, like virtually all bitters, as well as many other alcohols, it was not created at all as a pleasure drink, but as a drug. The author of the recipe was an avid researcher of herbs in the pay of the German army, dr Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert. In Venezuela, where he was supposed to fight against the Spaniards, however, he was mainly famous for inventing a certain medicine. Initially, he applied it only to himself and his relatives (as it used to be, the drug was supposed to have a universal effect), but in Angostura, which was an important communication junction and a large population center, wins, as a German used to economic solutions, developed production. The history of angostura is very confusing, including all kinds of wars, influence and politics, which have torn the region from 1824 year, so let it be enough, that today the Angostura factory has returned to the Siegert family, and is located in Trinidad, where is exporting from 95% from yearly produced 50 million liters of angostura.

You will not learn about the production

Despite all the factory acquisitions and owner changes, the recipe remains unknown. Most likely, the basis for the production of this 40-45% drink is rum, which there is no shortage in the region, and Angostura itself produces quite a lot of it. In its basic version, angostura owes its bitter taste to the roots of angelica, quinoa bark, galangal rhizome, orange peel and ginger, while the color comes from sandalwood. As you probably know, all these ingredients are unspeakably bitter and unpleasant to the taste, therefore Angostura cannot be drunk alone, and that also applies to the modern lime version.

How to serve?

There is only one way to administer angostura. It is an ingredient of many drinks, but only the most sophisticated ones, a and in small amounts, because often only 2-3 drops on the glass. We know from the pages of history, that also as a drug, angostura was never administered in its pure form - it was diluted with water or alcohol - which was at hand, it was okay, just to kill the bitterness.

The most famous cocktail - expensive, but not very sophisticated, but old, because from the mid-nineteenth century - the composition of which appears angostura, is Champagne Coctail: a sugar cube soaked in bitter is added to the champagne glass. It is worth adding as a curiosity, that back then it was impossible to prepare a cocktail without bitter - this is due to the then definition of this type of mixed drink.

A full range of alcohol staples that can be used in many drinks. Touch-ups and aromas for vodka.

Legendary label

You can recognize angostura by its taste, it's a fact, but it's even faster to recognize it by the label. It is the only drink, which is intentionally labeled too large. Why? Who can know that. According to the applications, Two employees were to take care of packing the angostura: when one went to get the bottles, the other looked for labels, but they did not get along and to this day the alcohol is sold in bottles with too much label.

However, there is nothing to delude ourselves, that you will recognize her from afar on the shelf. Trinidad is not so easy to buy in Poland. It is true that it is not a forbidden drink, but because it is rarely used, it is also not often available for purchase, and certainly not in the supermarket.