Aperitif (from Latin "aperire" - to open) it is an alcoholic drink, mixed or not, o mocy 18-35%, podawany przed jedzeniem, not very large volume (tak by zbytnio nie wypełniać żołądka przed posiłkiem). Aperitif ma pobudzać trawienie, positively affect the taste nerves and relax. There is no one specific alcohol or one composition for the perfect aperitif, in different countries, different alcohols are given, e.g.: in Italy - vermouth, in France - Pastis, in Greece - ouzo.

Many of these sublime alcohol flavors, we can obtain at home from special touch-ups, essences for alcohol. Więcej o zaprawkach można przeczytać na portalu poświęconemu destylacji alkoholu.

1.1 American

20ml campari

40ml of red vermouth

soda water

Pour ice cubes into a tall glass, add campari and red vermouth - mix vigorously. Top up with sparkling water. To decorate, add a delicately cut lemon peel

Jeżeli nie mamy Campari – możemy zstąpić zaprawką do alkoholu Red Italian.

1.1 Campari White

20ml campari

50ml of delicate white wine

Pour the ingredients into a chilled cocktail glass and serve immediately.

If we don't have the original Campari, mpożemy je zastąpić zaprawkami: FillUp Red Italian or Red Italian.

1.1 Manhattan

40ml of Canadian whiskey

20ml of red vermouth

Place the ingredients in a bartender's glass with ice cubes, mix thoroughly and pour into a cocktail glass. A cocktail icing to decorate.

If we don't have the original Canadian whiskey, możemy użyć zaprawki do alkoholu STRAND Canadian Whiskey.

1.1 Martini Sweet

40ml ginu

20ml of red vermouth

Pour the ingredients into a bartender's glass with ice cubes, stir well and pour into a cocktail glass.

When choosing from touch-ups, gin can be used: zaprawki London Gin, Dry Gin, Blue India Gin.