Automatic mash kettle for beer

Automatic mash kettle for beer

BEER-MACHINE 20L is a modern device that allows you to easily and professionally carry out the mashing process , cooking filtration and beer wort hopping. The entire technological process is controlled by a specialized controller equipped with a display informing about the currently executed program , time remaining until the end of the current program , set and measured temperature. Additional LED lamps indicate that the pump is on , heaters , starting the program and technological break. Mashing is based on the principle of rinsing the malt through the forced water circulation. The mash malt is placed in a cotton filter bag. During cooking, cotton bags containing hops and other flavors are used. The use of a filtration system based on cotton filter bags is a very effective method of filtration , protecting the device against annoying contamination and the possibility of malt burning.

The device is made of polished stainless steel and all other elements are approved for contact with food.

Kit accessories:BEER MACHINE Mash kettle for domestic beer_M

1. A ladle with an integrated controller.

2. Lid on the ladle.

3. Malt container.

4. Handle for the malt container.

5. Drip support for the malt container.

6. Malt filter bag.

7. Filter bags for hops.

8. Seals for the container 2 pcs.


Technical data:

Device capacity: 30 liters

Amount of beer obtained: 20 liters

Maximum amount of malt: 5,5kg

Power: 110 – 230 VAC

Heating power: 230VAC 3,0 kW

110VAC 1,5 kW

Electronic heaters switching on: SSR 25A

Pump power: 9,0 WHAT

Temperature measurement: digital

Temperature stabilization accuracy: +/- 1,5 C

Visualization of display parameters: LCD

Automatic process flow controlled by a microprocessor controller

Device dimensions:
diameter 36cm
height 50cm

Device weight: 7 kg

manufacturer's warranty: 12 months


More information on the distributors' websites: WinoHOBBY Store and SpiritFerm Store. The device is on display in Warsaw at the Domowych Alkoholi Center at Kołowa Street 46 tel.22 618 27 95.

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