The mysterious recipe has been the envy of all major producers of bitter liqueurs for years

This unique recipe makes, that Campari has been occupying a unique position on the alcohol market for over one hundred and fifty years. It is difficult to find its imitations on sale, ignorance of the ingredients, with

Campari drink

which this bitter arises contributes to this, that we are dealing with alcohol, which is difficult to imitate.

We have the opportunity to taste the liqueur's taste very similar to Campari - this is it Red Italian alcohol touch-up . Many home hobbyists producing home wines and other drinks try to explore and learn the recipe of this unique drink, but their efforts fail. Their test results are even worse than those of the Red Italian essence liqueur.

The Gaspare Campari family therefore continues to make a profit as the sole producer of the alcohol in question, and the good condition of the family business also benefits us - amateurs of good alcohols. How is this possible?

We have been able to convince ourselves of this for decades, that Campari is something more than just unique alcohol and the unforgettable taste of drinks made with its use. Campari is also a brand known all over the world and a person, which they know, how to take care of its image. About that, that Campari's marketing activities are not limited to schematic moves, we can find out at every step, the company reacts lively not only to changing market trends, Its employees are also trying, that the liqueur accompanies its buyers in the most groundbreaking events in their lives, so it's hard to be surprised, that its special, Limited editions appear on the occasion of holidays, Valentine's Day and many other important days for liqueur enthusiasts.

Campari is not only alcohol with a unique taste, but also a calendar, the next editions of which are eagerly awaited not only by liqueur lovers, but also people, who like to enjoy the eyes of artistic photos and beautiful women. Actually, Every year Campari is able to positively surprise people waiting for the calendar to be issued, the models themselves have no doubts, about that, that the invitation to the photo session during its preparation is a considerable honor. The media is closely following the news coming from the company's headquarters and eagerly awaiting the announcement of the names of the women, which we will be able to admire in the next edition of the calendar, and that proves it best, that it's not a publishing house, what many.

Campari is a brand recognized and appreciated all over the world. We have been dealing with this situation for over one hundred and fifty years and there is little evidence of it, so that it would change in the near future, and Campari itself was supposed to break with its current image.

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