Coobra 48 - more powerful TURBO

Coobra 48 - more powerful TURBO

In our wine hobby, one of the essential products is yeast. There are many types of yeast that can be fermented: more or less aromatic, with greater or lesser alcohol tolerance, fermenting quickly or slowly.

Yeast intended for fast fermentation and with high alcohol tolerance is commonly called distillery yeast., still yeast or simply TURBO yeast.

Currently, the highly alcoholising yeast of the well-known and appreciated COOBRA brand has appeared on the market:

COOBRA distillery yeast 48


Coobra 48 is a new and extremely effective yeast blend, nutrients and trace elements, characterized by extremely efficient "work":

6kg of sugar in the setting - fermentation time about 48H - to 14%

8kg of sugar in the setting - fermentation time about 120H - to 19%

So that fermentation can take place 21% with 9kg of sugar, the fermentation temperature must all the time be between 18-240C, settings should be cooled down if necessary. The fermentation time in this case is 7-10 days. We will get the best results by using 10 kg of glucose instead of sugar.

After fermentation, we recommend clarifying the settings, to remove the remains of dead yeast that could adversely affect the taste of the product. For clarification, we recommend the sensational COOBRA two-component clarifier:

COOBRA TurboClear

Coobra Turbo Clear


I am curious about your opinions. Write if you have already had the opportunity to ferment on them.