Corte Antica 5L ladybug wine

Corte Antica 5L ladybug wine


Wino Corte Antica 5L
Corte Antica wine made of ladybugs, wine for PLN 3.6 + bottle!

Being recently at the Biedronka store, browsing their wine shelf - and we know that you can find real gems there - I found a unique Corte Antica wine in a bottle 5 liters. The wine was sold in the "Italian month" which lasted in Biedronka in 03.2012, along with some pretty nice cheeses and Italian meats.


Corte Antica wine according to what the producer says:

Table grape wine, dry red. Delicate ruby ​​in color, subtle taste and a light fruity aroma. Made from vines that grow in the sunny regions of Italy. Perfect with roasted meat, cheese and pasta dishes.

Now my subjective assessment of this wine

Due to its dimensions, wine weighs quite a lot. I did not put the cylinder on the scale, but 5L of wine + glass is about 7-8 kg, so it is worth going by car to buy it. After unscrewing the bottle - I don't like that word very much when it comes to wine, rather, I am a supporter of corks and wine uncorking with some "cool" corkscrew. But I know, that wines sold in such capacities are rather always capped.

back to the topic, after opening the wine, the first smell in the bottle is rather very fresh, so, that you can smell yeast, very similar to the tasting of young house wine. The yeast smell disappears after a while. After pouring into a glass and initial oxygenation of the wine, the yeast smell subsides, it is replaced by the smell of wine, yes the smell of table wine, without any "fireworks", delicate aroma of grapes.

First tasting, it's also no real revelation. I may call this type of wines a little mockingly "compote wines", that is, a delicate flavor with which you cannot talk about a bouquet, because this bouquet is simply not there. However, the correct design and low acidity contribute to it, that I call this type of wine "compote" - so you can drink it in a glass, go with everything and are easy to drink. Wines of this type are good for various types of barbecue trips. A lot of friends, grilled meat, nice atmosphere and wine in glasses. You really don't need anything better for such occasions.

Rachunek za wino z Biedronki
Biedronka wine bill – 34,99PLN

Wine also has another great advantage - and that is the bottle.Yes, a 5L bottle or a gallon if you prefer. At the price of wine, which is also not excessive PLN 34.99 we have a very original bottle that we can use. These types of bottles, for winemakers or people who manufacture other alcohol as a hobby (tinctures, meads and spirits) they are very useful. They are perfect for storage (aging) alcohol, and even to ferment your own wine.

Subtracting PLN 34.99 from the price of the ladybug wine, the average cost of the popular 5L lady balloon - PLN 17, wine costs us PLN 17.99, which is about PLN 3.60 for 1L of wine. Objectively looking, you can't buy a better wine at this price in the market.

However, you can make your own house wine, much better quality, which will give us more pleasure. It just requires more commitment.

Personally, I already have 4 the art of these pots ;-)

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  1. in December 2019 on the promotion in Biedronka, this wine ( 5l ) it costs 30 PLN. Identical empty bottle (baniaczek) at OBI it costs 50 ( 49,99 )PLN !

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