Does amber tincture have healing properties??

Does amber tincture have healing properties??

Folk medicine for centuries, ba, for millennia she has been observing the effects of various substances on the human body. Of course, the scientific method was not used here, and no one tried to explain it specifically, why, for example, people, for whom an alcohol touch-up made of amber was a frequent guest on the table, they suffered from lower respiratory tract diseases less frequently and suffered less from them. The regularity was simply noticed and assigned to a specific specificity with a moderate probability. At present, modern science is slowly studying all kinds of substances used by our grandparents and grandmothers in accordance with centuries-old practice. The discoveries are sometimes truly stunning and you can learn a lot about the specifics, which until recently we considered to be at most a placebo. One of them is amber and the acids it contains, which turn out to be one of the best, although difficult to obtain drugs that fight free radicals.

A free radical is a chemical, which causes the oxidation of another chemical. It could be the free oxygen atom itself, its highly reactive triple molecule called

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ozone, or for example some hydroxyl group knocked out of still another molecule. It is quite a complex issue in the field of organic chemistry and biology, but it has a very direct impact on our everyday life. First of all, you have to understand, what actually does a free radical do in our body. It has none of the tasks and can be said properly, that it is very dangerous junk. It tends to connect with things, with which he shouldn't. As we know from elementary school, even the slightest change in the chemical composition of a molecule can mean a complete change in its properties. This is what happens in our cells, in which individual proteins and chains of deoxyribonucleic acid are destroyed, i.e. our DNA that records information about all substances in our body. Free radical damage literally affects individual molecules, which is very troublesome after all, because their removal is not easy and most often leads to the accumulation of minor damage. My, simple people without biologists' white coats, we usually refer to this as aging.

The health tincture made of amber contains a large amount of the so-called succinic acid. Its main task is still in plants, that produced amber today was to remove any undesirable organisms, which could have entered the trees through damage to their shells. This was achieved by stopping their natural oxidation processes, which are simply necessary for cellular respiration, that is, to produce energy. Amber tincture, when it is introduced into our body, it will almost automatically stop the process of free radicals being released in the most unexpected places. Of course, it will not be able to endanger our normal biological processes, but it will easily catch all free radicals, which are incomparably more reactive. Of course, succinic acid is not a miracle cure for everything from potency to warts, but it has its effect, it is proven and we can count, that its molecules will effectively catch free radicals circulating in our body, largely eliminating the threat from at least one side.

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