Tasting: Strykov Slivovitz 72%

Tasting: Strykov Slivovitz 72%

Premium Slivovitz 72%
Premium Slivovitz 72%

Some time ago, an unusual drink fell into my hands Slivovitz Strykowska 72%. This slivovitz is made according to an 18th century recipe, kept in the archives of the Jewish Community. It is the only slivovitz in the world, which is Kosher certified on Pesach, which means the highest possible standard of ritual cleanliness. To get it, the production plant and the production line had to undergo a thorough modernization. All the elements that the slivovitz flows through in the production process (vats, tanks, literally every tube and every container) have been replaced with new ones with a Kosher certificate or have undergone a kosher process. The entire production line was approved by the ultra-Orthodox rabbinical court in Israel. A special kosher certificate is affixed to each element used in the production. The entire production process takes place in one place, because, as if the distillation and bottling took place elsewhere, a car intended for the transport of slivovitz would also have to be kosher.

All ingredients, each semi-finished product used in the production of this drink, has been thoroughly checked and approved by the rabbinical court in terms of kosher. Yeast used in the production process, are brought from Antwerp.

The exact recipe is unknown. The main ingredients of the settings are plums, raisins and sugar. The setting is inoculated with special yeast and left to ferment. Finally, it goes to the rectification column, that is, for distillation.

Slivovitz has a delicate straw color and is slightly oily, stirred in the glass, it gently flows down the sides. We sense clear aromas of plums and pleasant, delicate fuselic fragrances (after all, it is supposed to taste like the one that was made centuries earlier). Slivovitz is not drunk with whole glasses, but it tastes slowly. The first feeling is mild, distinct flavor of plums and distillate. The longer it flows into the stomach, the more it warms up the whole body and mind.


Cedyk from Szydłowiec said, that the slivovitz was a gift from God

for the Jewish people, because it contains three elements:

* gives joy, it brings relief and comfort to the eaters;

* offering it brings people together;

* gives you a sustenance for it, who produce it;

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