Drinks with Rum

Rum - an alcoholic drink (vodka) with high alcohol content (37 – 81%), depending on the country of origin, it can be made from sugar cane, concentrated cane juice

RUM patches: Hans Rum – German rum, LightRum – traditional white rum, Lemon Rum – lemon rum, Jamaica – dark aromatic rum.

sugar or molasses. The set is fermented with noble yeast and then distilled. In most cases, the rum is distilled using rectifying columns, however, in some cases the process takes place in traditional copper stills. Distillation in stills makes, that the rum has a fuller flavor.

The origin of the word is not fully known, there are different hypotheses, according to some, the word comes from the last syllable of the Latin word saccharum (sugar), others say, that from the word rummers (this is what Dutch sailors called large-capacity glasses), or from the word "rumbullion" meaning - rebellion.

In the 17th century, rum was mass-produced in the Caribbean Sea. It was related to the flourishing of piracy - rum very quickly replaced water on ships because during long trips, the water went bad quickly and the rum didn't. Growing popularity of rum, caused that from 1655 In the year, the daily rations of beer were replaced by rum on the Royal Navy ships.

The most famous rum in the world is Bacardi. The Bacardi company was founded in Santiago, Cuba in 1983 1862. Facundo Bacardi (Italian wine merchant, founder of the distillery) was the first, who has successfully distilled rum of an exceptional degree of purity. To this day, the best-selling rum is Light Rum Bacardi.

Types of rum:

– white - light rum, light and gentle, clear, no admixture of herbs or spices, perfect as a base for cocktails;

– golden - rum aged in oak barrels, richer bouquet and aroma, to drink with ice;

Cuba Dark Rum patches (the equivalent of havana club rum) and Razzberry Rum (the equivalent of bacardi razz, that is raspberry rum).

– dark - (otherwise known as black), strong, distinct flavor and aroma, often used in the kitchen, is produced in Jamaica, Haiti, Nicaragua and Guatemala, matured in oak barrels;

– flavored - enriched taste, eg.: for coconut or orange or herbs, e.g.: Jamaica Rum

The most popular rum drinks:

Free Cuba (Free Cuba), the story of the creation of the drink says, that it arose during the military conflict between the US and Spain in the 1895-1898. Two years after that war, which brought independence to Cuba, American soldiers in one of the bars ordered rum with ice with the addition of Coca-Cola (which has recently been imported into Cuba), everyone cheerfully raised a toast chanting "Por Cuba Libre" - For free Kuba! Free Cuba: 50ml of light rum, 150ml coca-coli, ½ diced lemon, ice. Pour cubes into the glass
ice, pour in rum and cola, press ½ lemon and toss it into the glass (or ½ lemons, diced and put into a glass).

Mojito - Ernest Heminhway's favorite drink. One of the theories is, that the drink was made among slaves working on Cuban sugar cane plantations, drinking local spirits with

The essence of FillUp of the Mojito drink. Refill the bottle with vodka 40% miszamy and ready.

crushed mint leaves, lemon and cane syrup. Mojito – 8 peppermint leaves, 60ml of rum, 4 lime slices, 1-2 teaspoons unrefined brown sugar, sparkling water and ice. Mint, crush lemon and sugar in a tall glass, then add ice, rum and top up with sparkling water.

Bacardi Light: 30ml Light Rumu, 20ml of lemon juice, 1 ear soku grenadyny, Fill a glass with ice with sparkling water and lemon zest.

Tiger's Paw: 40ml Light Rumu, 50ml of orange juice, 30ml of lemon juice, 30ml of pineapple juice, 1 grenadyny ear, Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice, then pour into a glass with ice cubes and a slice of orange.

Isle of Pines: 40ml of white rum, 60ml of grapefruit juice, throw a few ice cubes into the glass, pour in the ingredients and stir vigorously, add ½ slice of grapefruit and serve.

Monkey Wrench: 40ml of white rum + pineapple juice, Pour into a glass with ice and serve.

Bloody Bacardi Mary: 40ml of white rum, 10ml of lemon juice, 100ml of tomato juice + sos Worchestershire, salt, pepper, tabasco.

Hawaiian Rum: 40ml of brown rum (Jamaica Rum), 20ml of galliano liqueur (HotShot Liqueur essence), 80ml of orange juice

Bacardi Blue: 40ml of rum, 40ml BlaCuracao, 20ml of lemon juice, sparkling water, Mix ingredients except water in a shaker with ice, pour into a glass with ice cubes and top up with sparkling water.

Mai Tai: 40ml Jamaica Rum, 20ml Apricot Brandy, 30ml of orange juice, 20ml of lemon juice, mix the ingredients well in a shaker with ice and pour into a glass with crushed ice, add a slice of orange.

Pancho Villa: 20ml Jamaica Rum, 20ml Cherry Brandy, 20ml Apricot Brandy, 60ml of pineapple juice, the ingredients should be mixed well in a shaker with ice and poured into a glass with

Essences of ApricotBrandy and BlaCuracao liqueurs, often used when mixing drinks.

ice cubes.

Bacardi Orange: 40ml Jamaica Rum lub Light Rum, ice, orange juice to be refilled.

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