Tequila drinks

Tequila - A type of Mexican vodka, distillate from the fermented blue agave juice (should be noted here, that only agave juice is used to prepare the set, does not give up

Growing Blue Agave in a plantation in Mexico.

fermentation of any solids of the plant). Distillation gives a clear white tequila. Tequila with a color from yellow to brown is obtained as a result of aging in oak barrels. The name of the alcohol comes from the name of the town where the production began - Tequila, and the first alcohol distillate was produced at the beginning of the 16th century. Initially, it was not a popular alcohol, was associated with alcohol for the poor.

It was only in the 19th century that its quality improved a lot and gained reputation and popularity, the first licensed producers also appeared. The first licensed manufacturer was Jose Antonio Cuervo, which it began to distill already in 1758 year.

During World War II, we observe a sharp increase in Tequila production, its consumption in the USA has increased as a substitute for European alcohols which have become difficult to obtain. Another boom occurred in the years 60 after the Mexico Olympics and continued growth in popularity in the years 80 with the development of tourism.

W 1977 Mexico signed international agreements that guaranteed it exclusivity in the production of Tequila.

Popular tequila drinks include:

One of the most common ways to drink Tequila is with salt and lemon. Pour the Tequila into a shot glass, we sprinkle a pinch of salt on the outer part of the hand and prepare a piece of lemon, then lick the salt off your hands, we drink tequila at once and bite with lemon. Other similar combinations can be with lion, cinnamon and orange.

Strawberry Margarita - this is my favorite, I prepare this drink for every home party and it is always amazing. We need a blender to prepare a drink, frozen strawberries

One of the best touch-ups for alcohol by the Swedish company STRAND. Tequila Gold i Tequila SIlver.

(can be fresh, but the drink tastes better with the frozen ones, especially in hot summer), Tequila gold, Brown sugar. The strawberries, if they are frozen, either have to be removed from the freezer compartment 1 an hour before making a drink or put in the microwave on 30-40 seconds. The point is, so that the strawberries are slightly soft but frozen inside - so that the blender can handle it. I always make a drink "by eye" so I can't give you a detailed recipe, but it comes out great: I put strawberries in the blender container of the container, I sprinkle it 4-6 spoons of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of water, I pour tequila "by eye" and turn on the blender at maximum speed. The drink has a thick consistency, slightly sweet and frozen strawberries, tequila flavor - delicious.

I serve in Margarita glasses with a thick straw.

Tequila Sunrise – 40ml Tequili Silver, 30ml of grenadine juice, 100ml of orange juice - put ice cubes into a tall glass, pour in tequila and grenadine juice, then gently pour the orange juice so that the whole thing does not mix (the drink served should be of different shades, darker at the bottom and lighter at the top), we hang a slice of orange as a decoration.

Pancho’s Punch – 40ml Amaretto, 40ml Tequili, 40ml of lemon juice, 20ml of grapefruit juice - all ingredients should be vigorously mixed in a shaker with ice cubes, serve in a cognac glass.

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