Fermenters with a conical bottom

Fermenters with a conical bottom

30L conical fermentor with a thermometer and two SPEIDEL taps

Fermentation tanks with a conical bottom make the work very easy. There is enough space in the conical bottom of the container for the accumulation of yeast thickets or clarification residues that can be easily removed using the bottom tap.

A fermenter with a conical bottom and a 30L thermometer from the reputable company SPEIDEL

Capacity: 30L
Diameter: 360mm
Height: 865mm
Included 2 krany i thermometer 0 do 600C

Multifunctional plastic fermenter for fermentation of various types of settings, for both turbulent and silent fermentation. The tank has 2 independent taps that make the work much easier:

one bottom tap, drain, thanks to which you can easily drain the yeast thicket or sludge after clarification.

a second side tap for draining pure wine or beer from the sediment into the bottles.

The tank has a thermometer 0 up to 600C which allows for constant control of the temperature of the wort or the setting.

The tank does not have a hole for mounting the fermentation tube. You can drill the hole for the fermentation tube on your own.