White cloudiness of the distillate???

White cloudiness of the distillate???

The topic of turbidity of the distillate after mixing it with water is repeated very often. There is no clear answer as to why this is so. There are many factors that influence it, the following are most often mentioned:

* low quality of the distillate, incorrect perception of foreruns and tails;

* contaminated apparatus, old or inadequate quality hoses (the best are silicone or with an admixture of silicone);

* the risk of cloudiness increases with the decrease in alcohol content when mixing it with water (below 45% there is a high probability of cloudiness);

* bad quality of water used for mixing - the water should be soft, low mineralized (can be demineralized, distilled or water used for injection), the water should not contain substances that cause hardness such as magnesium or calcium;




Below are some good and proven tips:

+ the water and the distillate should be at the same temperature during dilution;

+ water should be added to the distillate, we always add water very slowly (a thin stream);

+ it is good to mix the diluted distillate at the same time, e.g.:using a spoon or a whisk;

+ knowing, that we develop turbidity (e.g.:, you can try to dilute the distillate gradually, e.g.: 10% co 1-2 days;

+ tap water is often perfect for diluting distillates, this should always be checked on a small amount of diluted distillate;


What to do if turbidity already develops:

* if we added water very slowly (gradual dilution every few days) the particles should be "large" enough, that you can try to filter the distillate through a filter filter that will catch larger impurities;

* you can purify the distillate by filtering it through activated charcoal or use one of the many cleaning agents such as: Distipur, spiricol or granucol. This method is very effective, but we must know, that this method of purification will also remove aromatic substances from the distillate, which is not recommended for quality fruit distillates.

* the cloudy distillate can be distilled again;


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