Improving the taste of house wine

Improving the taste of house wine

Essences for home wines

There are different ways to improve your finished wine. We can add herbal type patches: white vermouth, red, Chiciosan.

If our wine has a weak taste, we can add essences to it. Various types of essences for wine are available on the market, which will help us change the taste of our drink.

STRANDS - szwedzkie zaprawki i aromaty do win

One of the better ones available on the market are the essences of Swedish wine sticks. We have a choice:

The essence for MOZEL wine recommended for light white and rose grape wines. For those who want to prepare a wine in the style of German Moselle wines with a floral and fruity aroma.

The essence of SANGRIA perfect for anyone who intends to prepare tasty Spanish-style wine at home, with an exotic flavor. The essence is perfect for any multi-fruit red and rosé wine. SANGRIA wine can be drunk alone, or serve in large glasses mixed with strong fruit wine, with fruit and ice in the hot summer.

The essence of PORTVIN perfect for preparing homemade PORTO. Porto is a delicious Portuguese wine made from the fermentation of grapes and then fortified with wine spirit, fruit distillate, the result is an aromatic and unique wine with an alcohol content of approx 20%.

Raspberry flavor essence, strawberry, cherry or peach to be used to enhance the flavor of any type of domestic wine, mead and other alcohols.

50ml essences are intended for 25L of ready and clarified house wine, preferably home wine to which we add essence waited 2-3 months after clarification. We advise you to add the essence slowly every few days, constantly checking the taste of the wine to see if it is already suitable.

We must ask about any "improvers" for wine in specialized stores.

We can mix sour wine with other wine that requires acidification or add sugar syrup.

For any other wine troubles, specialist literature should be consulted.

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