Rosehip wine recipe

Rosehip wine recipe.

Wine recipe from dried fruits and rose flowers.

Wild Rose, is one of the best wild fruits to make homemade wine. The wine is properly prepared and properly decayed (1-2 patch), it is characterized by an excellent taste and bouquet, to match quality taste of grape wines.

Making house wine with fresh fruit, it is worth collecting them right after the first frost, remember when making wine on dried fruit, that 10 kg of fresh fruit = 4 kg of dried. The fruit should be carefully peeled from the stalks and, if possible, the seed sockets should be removed (the wine will have a less tart and bitter taste).

Wine made of dried fruit and rose flowers for 25l:

2kg of dried rose hips

100g of dried rose flowers

Dried rose flowers give the wines and the tincture a unique aroma. House wine bouquet, mead or tincture changes dramatically, they add delicate, a unique floral aroma for our products. Dried rose flowers are expensive to buy and not available at all wine stores.

5,5kg of sugar

16l of water

30g of citric acid


20g acid + 2 citrin

pectolase enzyme or 6-7 drops of pectopol

Wine yeast e.g.: active yeast Enartis Red Fruit or EzFerm


Pour over the dried fruit with the hot syrup prepared from 13 l of water and 3 kg of sugar and leave to cool. Pour into a balloon ,add pectolas or pectopoly and leave for approx 6 hours. Then add the citric acid or kvass and diced lemons with the peel pitted, medium, activated yeast or a previously prepared yeast mother. Mix everything thoroughly and install a fermentation tube.

After 5-6 days, during turbulent fermentation ,you should add cooled syrup from 2 l of water and 1,5 kg of sugar.

After 3-4 weeks, pour the wine over the fruit into a smaller balloon and add the last portion of the syrup with 1 l of water and 1 kg of sugar. Leave it until fermentation is complete, preferably in a slightly cooler place 15-170 C.

The fruit can be used for the second ,similar setting, though the wine will be of a little lower quality.

After the fermentation is finished, the wine remains to be clarified (if necessary /, "shake" out of carbon dioxide, protect against re-fermentation and pour into bottles.

It should mature for at least 5-6 months.

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