Strawberry wine recipe

Strawberry wine recipe.

These wonderful fruits are low in calories, 100g of strawberries is about 35kcal. They have a lot of vitamins: C, A and B vitamins. They contain minerals: potassium, calcium, Phosphor, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, and organic acids, whichStrawberries for wine they make, made of strawberries have a refreshing taste, and easily digestible sugars.

Strawberries belong to the group of expensive fruits, they are also used quite sporadically in making home wines. Often, strawberry wine is blended with other dessert wines to enhance the flavor. On the other hand, however, this wine is liked by women, due to its unique aroma and sweetness.

The fruit for wine should be fully ripe, aromatic, fragrant and sweet.

To prepare a good strawberry wine, you need to prepare the proportions for a strong dessert wine. After purchase, fruit should be thoroughly washed, dry and peel, then knead to a pulp, preferably with a potato masher (do not use the mixer, for his blades will cut the small stones, and the wine will be bitter). We ferment the strawberry wine in the pulp for the first time 3-4 days with the addition of a small amount of sugar syrup (water + sugar), citric acid and the pectic enzyme. The first stage of fermentation is best carried out in fermentation containers and then after the wine has been separated from the flesh in a glass balloon..

Light strawberry wine 12-13%:

– strawberries 7 kg

– water 4.5l

– sugar 1.8 kg

Strong strawberry wine 18%:

– strawberries 7 kg

– water 4l

– sugar 3kg

It is recommended to add to each of the above recipes: ½ cup of strong tea or use professional tannins. Thanks to the tannins, the wine will clarify better and will have a fuller flavor and aroma.

You can find more about the use of tannins in making wine on the website about house wine.

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