Recipe for cranberry wine

Recipe for cranberry wine.

Cranberries are perfect for making your own spirits. In the production of domestic wine from cranberries, we proceed in the same way as with other fruits. Crush the right amount of fruit, pour the right amountwarm sugar syrup, after cooling, add the wine yeast and ferment in the pulp. We recommend using the Italian ENARTIS RedFruit yeast and the SPECIAL medium.

Light cranberry wine:

– 7kg of fruit

– 4l of water

– 1,5kg of sugar

– ½ lemon

Strong cranberry wine:

– 8kg of fruit

– 2,5l of water

– 3kg of sugar

– ½ lemon

Strong rice and cranberry wine:

– 2kg of rice

– 500g of dried cranberries

– 3kg of sugar

– 8l of water

Using dried cranberries, it should be assumed that:

100g of dried cranberries = 700 g of fresh fruit.

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