Resweratrol – it is an amazing substance belonging to compounds called antioxidants. Currently, it enjoys great interest in the world of science and sports. It has been proven that resveratrol: inhibits the formation of free radicals, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, slows down the aging process, has anti-inflammatory properties, bactericidal, antiviral. The resveratrol boom followed shortly after, as it was established during the research work, that this relationship strongly (13-fold) activates the so-called. "Enzymes of youth" - sirtuins - prolonging by several dozen, even Fr. 70% lifetime of experimental organisms and laboratory animals, including primates closely related to humans. The world of sport went crazy for it when it was proven, that resveratrol promotes intense fat burning, quick reduction of adipose tissue, extremely effectively supports the development of aerobic capacity, raises testosterone levels and lowers cortisol levels (cortisol is a hormone that breaks down muscle proteins).

Grapes contain the most resveratrol, mainly their peel. That's why, red wines, obtained by fermenting the juice with the peel of the fruit, they contain more resveratrol, than white wines, because in the production of white and rosé wines, the peel of the fruit is removed in advance.

For these reasons, resveratrol has been assigned the role of the culprit the French paradox, that is, the low incidence of the French and the Mediterranean inhabitants of cardiovascular diseases, despite the high consumption of animal fats and cholesterol - nutrients with strong pro-atherosclerotic properties.

When preparing house wine from grapes, let's also remember this, to ferment them in the pulp. Then more resveratrol will be in our bottles.

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