Sangria is an alcoholic drink, very popular in southern Europe, especially in Spain. From there he also came to Poland, brought by tourists. The general idea behind this drink is a combination of wine, fresh fruit and other alcohol in one large jug and serving this drink cold on hot days.

There are many recipes for making sangria, one of them is presented below, verified:

Wine, cheap, 0,5 l merlot + 0,5 l cabernet (you can use too 1 l house wine)

½ glasses of brandy (rum or cognac can also be used)

Fresh juice squeezed out of: 2 oranges, 1 lemons, 1 limes (I do not advise you to replace fresh fruit juice with cardboard juice)

After 5 fruit slices: oranges, lemons, limes, apples (or others at your discretion)

0,5 l of sparkling water (I have to mention here, that instead of sparkling water, you can use another carbonated drink, e.g.: sprite, boys, tonic - at your discretion. I follow the rule, that the sweeter the wine I use - the less sweet I add the filling, e.g.: on dry wine - I add Fanta, on sweet wine - pour sparkling water).


1 l wina + 1/2 glasses of alcohol + fruit juice = pour into a jug and set aside in the fridge for a few hours. Before serving, add chopped fruit and add sparkling water (or any other drink), Pour into glasses with ice and it's ready.

Alcohol to dolania to sangria (rum, cognac, brandy, we can prepare with touch-ups for alcohol, they will be it: Light RUM, Jamaica RUM, Cognac or Cherry Brandy). The sticks are available for purchase at many wine stores, You can read more about the use of alcohol touch-ups on the Distillation portal.

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