Wine ingredients for headaches

Wine ingredients for headaches

Beautiful woman drinking wine.It is believed, that he suffers from a headache 70% Poles, and approx 30% has them often. Near 15% complains of migraine attacks, which attack women much more often. About 75% of them live in big cities, in the age range of 30–45 years, with higher education, stressed out, busy, breathing polluted air.

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley developed the device, to protect against migraine headache, caused, among others. by red wine, also by house wine. It is often accompanied by palpitations and shortness of breath or nausea. Some people experience a spike in adrenaline and the so-called. hypertensive crisis.

The chemists used technology developed by NASA, that was supposed to make life on Mars detectable. Thanks to it, it is easy to "track down" substances responsible for causing unpleasant ailments, i.e. biogenic amines, compounds that occur across the range of maturing (aging), fermented or pickled products, e.g.. in cheeses, wine, smoked meat, olives, nuts, chocolate.

Despite the fact, that a group of analysts from around the world did not reach an agreement, which substances actually trigger the migraine headache, the amines are the most frequently indicated, including tyramine and histamine. Therefore, doctors and nutritionists warn their patients, to eliminate foods rich in these compounds from their diet. Scientists have found, that the highest concentration of biogenic amines is found in red wine and sake, and the lowest in beer. For now, the device only tests liquids

The Californian device works well for people who are hypersensitive to polyamines. The prototype is the size of a small briefcase. You have to wait after applying a drop of wine 5 minutes for results. Scientists are currently working on reducing the camera, so that allergic people can take the digital assistant with them to a party or restaurant and check its composition before drinking wine.

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