Wine-Kit VINSOL Step by Step - day01

Wine-Kit VINSOL Step by Step - day01

An interesting way to experiment with wine at home is to buy and make wine from Wine-kits. The kit includes concentrated grape juice, yeast with nutrient solution, means for preserving and clarifying wine. Wine-kit is the perfect way to start your adventure with house wine.

Below I present the step-by-step process of preparing wine from VINSOL concentrate.

The following accessories are required to prepare the wine: fermentation container or balloon with a capacity of 30l, plug, fermentation tube, wine dressing tube, sugar meter, thermometer, bottles with a total capacity of 23l, also prepare 4 kg of sugar for lighter wine or 5 kg of sugar for stronger wine.

Before starting the production of wine, thoroughly wash and sterilize the fermentor and all used items (e.g.. potassium metabisulfite) and then rinse everything thoroughly under running water. You should get sugar in advance 4 or 5kg, and into the water. Water for the preparation of wine, it should always be of good quality, you can use boiled tap water, bottled or Oligocene water. As for me, the best water for making drinks (home beer, fault, or mead) there is Oligocene water.

Every few hours before I start preparing the wine, I take it into a pot 20 liters of fresh Oligocene water from a local spring. I never boil Oligocene water, I add it straight from the "source" to the wine, I have never had any problems with it.

The first thing we need to do, is to dissolve the first batch of 4 kg sugar in warm water. For this purpose, Pour 3-4l of water into a large pot and heat it up (we try not to cook). For hot water, pour in sugar and stir all the time, heating the pot until the sugar is completely dissolved. Once the sugar is completely dissolved, we are waiting for it to cool down (sugar water doesn't have to be cold, it just has to be lukewarm / warm).

Then we pour concentrated grape juice into the balloon and add the first portion of water with sugar and fill the balloon with our Oligocene water to a total volume of 23l. Topping up the balloon with water, we have to think carefully about how much water we should add. It's always better to top up less than too much. We must also take into account the situation in which, during the fermentation, we will add another portion of sugar syrup which will also increase the entire volume of the wine setting..

Personally making wine from ready-made Wine-kit, I count the necessary water in this way:

  1. I prepare the sugar syrup in a pot 5 liter (ok. 2-3 liters of water and 4 kg of sugar = 5l) = 5 liters
  2. I add 13 liters of Oligocene water from the baniak (I have a container with a scale) = 13litres
  3. The second portion of sugar syrup, 1-1.5l of water + 1kg of sugar (1kg sugar = 0.6 l vol.) = ok.1,6-2,1litra

Total approx 20 liters

Making wine from a ready-made wine set, I always lower the amount of water I add to the recipe, then I get more essential wines, fuller and stronger in taste.

Now it's time to prepare the yeast. Pour about 100 ml of warm into the glass, boiled water with temp. 25 - 300C and pour the contents of the yeast bag into it, mix and set aside for approx. 20minutes. Active yeast is the most common in ready-made wine sets, which just after dissolving in warm water and waiting a few minutes, we begin to multiply.

Yeast active preparation

This process is very visible and results in a strong foaming in the glass. Sometimes so strong, that we have to be careful not to let the glass overflow.

Pour the well-multiplied yeast into the balloon with the setting. Everything should be mixed well and finally the balloon should be closed with a fermentation tube partially filled with water. We put the fermenter in a place not exposed to drafts and direct sunlight, at a temperature of 22-250C. From now on, we can enjoy our eyes with "working" wine. It is most pleasant to watch the wine in the first phase of its turbulent fermentation: bubbles in the wine (like in a champagne glass), foam on the surface of the wine and the finial, i.e. "puffing" water in the fermentation tube - all this indicates a properly initiated fermentation, i.e. the transformation of sugar into alcohol.

The turbulent fermentation will continue for the first time 3-5 days, then there will be calm fermentation, and the whole thing will end after 12-16 days (in the case of wine kits).

Wine-Kit VINSOL Step by Step - day05

After 4 days from the start of fermentation, the time is right to add the second portion of sugar to our homemade wine.

Sugar syrup

Depending on the type of wine we want to get, we can add 0,5 – 2 kg of sugar. I choose my wine slightly semi-sweet - strong, so I mixed 1 kg of sugar in 1.5 liters of water. It is also a good time to set the vermouth essence, because I want a slightly vermouth wine aroma.

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